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The Night Before Nuptials: by Rick Turton

The Night Before Nuptials

The Night Before Nuptials

by Rick Turton

‘Twas the night before Nuptials,
And all through the house;
There was cursing and screaming
And fires to douse.

The tuxes were hung
In the closet with care;
In hopes of no wrinkles
And the dog sheds no hair.

The couple was nestled
All snuggled together;
Now, stop that you two!
[There’s time for that later].

The children were debating
This much is true;
Do we really have to do this?
So much left to do.

Should we elope or
Perhaps run away?
There’s much left to do;
For THIS wedding day!

With skinny ‘ol Mama
All dressed to the nines
And pudgy ‘ol Papa
Just waiting to dine.

Away from our TV‘s
We flew like a flash!
We should be getting ready
For our big bash!

When out on the lawn,
There arose such a clatter!
I sprang from my chair;
Lost control of my bladder!

When what to my wondering
Eyes should appear?
But family and friends
From far and from near.

There’s Steve & Mary Ann and
There’s Guido, you see.
Their presence would be missed
On that we agree.

Margo and Hanna,
And oh, look! There is Marty!
Came to join us
At this here massive party!

David, & Carolyn,
Scott & Jason too!
Cousin Margaret and Nathan
They know what to do!

There’s Ray, & there’s Hugh,
Shirley, Mike & Aunt Ellen!
All come to see,
What it is that we’re sellin’!

Veggie plates they’re making,
And dips just for you!
More rapid that eagles,
Their knives how they flew!

They went right to work
This I could not dread
Everything’s getting done…
So I’m off to bed!

The party winds down,
Like logs on the fire
But our only hope, is that your
Love will get brighter.

There are just two more thoughts
I’d like to leave with you.
Two pearls of wisdom,
In sight of this crew.

If you work real hard and
Love one another,
You two can be married
For as long as his Mother!

The next time we visit,
This much will be true:
We’ll be the feared in-laws…
But then ... so will you!

Rick Turton

Rick Turton
Vietnam 1970-1971

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“A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write.” ~CJ Heck

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