Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Some days are diamonds, some days are dust, and some days ... well most days, are just a little bit of both." ~CJ

I really wanted to write something profound in my blog today; but I confess, since I first woke up this morning and saw the sun shining through my bedroom curtains, I've been filled with a childlike wonder of what all I want to do today. Thus, since I'm predominantly a children's poet, I decided to post a couple of poems to share a Saturday smile with you.

A Little Riddle
by CJ Heck

It comes in many flavors.
It comes in lots of smells.
It can keep a secret
and never, ever tell.

You'll know it when you hear it.
If you look you'll see it too.
It's everywhere around outside,
even there inside of you.

It can turn a sad day happy.
It can turn a mad day glad.
It will even be there
when you've been really bad.

It's something in both day and night,
every second every minute.
It's right there in your family
and everyone who's in it.

Did you guess my riddle?
Just a few things left to say.
If you want a LOT of it,
then give it ALL away!

It's left and right. It's all around.
It's under and above.
I think you've guessed the answer!
It's L - O - V - E love.

by CJ Heck

Mommy's on the couch.
Daddy's in his chair.
I'm in a corner on a stool ...
yup, they put me here

'cause I did somethin' naughty
that I'm not supposed to do.
I invented Permagosh
mixing things with their shampoo.

First a real long worm of toothpaste,
then a cloud of shaving cream,
then two glugs of mouthwash
('cause I love the color green).

I stirred it in a mixing bowl.
Boy it smelled real good!
It was even looking better
than I ever thought it would!

Could it be a cure for cancer?
Take the itch from skeeter bites?
Or maybe, heal a sunburn
when it hurts to sleep at night?

Two shakes of baby powder
made it WAY too hard to stir,
so I added Mommy's perfume.
Permagosh smelled just like HER!

Eww ... then the bowl tipped over.
Permagosh was on the floor
and when I turned around,
Mom and Dad were by the door.

Now Mommy's on the couch.
Daddy's in his chair.
I'm in a corner on a stool ...
yup, they put me here.

Enjoy your Saturday, my friends. I know I will!
~Hugs, CJ

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