Monday, May 3, 2010

Life Isn't Always Fair

I was savoring my coffee this morning, the bold, intoxicating aroma wafting up and combining with the even more delicious bold taste and I had to smile. Tell me, why is it that on most mornings, it tastes good and wakes up both body and mind, but on rare occasions -- like this morning, for example -- it tastes so-o-o much better? It seems to me that's the way it is with most things ... nothing is ever always good or always bad.

All through life, we're bombarded with all sorts of happy new beginnings, the joys of the middle for as long as they last, and the inevitable sad endings. It isn't really fair, but nothing lasts forever. Then again, no one ever said life has to be fair. I remember reading a quote once by Cherralea Morgen and I've never forgotten it. It goes something like this, "Life’s not always fair. You can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow." It's an interesting quote, and so true.

I could just as easily apply that reasoning to my delectable coffee this morning. As great as it tastes, if I were to spill it, it would definitely burn ...

It all neatly translates into having to take a little bad with the good in most things. Although, I walked away from two marriages where that little factoid was flawed. We were like oil and water and, as everyone knows, they don't mix. A little good with the bad doesn't work at all. Thank God my Mama understood: "Honey, you have to do what's right for you, no matter what anyone says. It’s your life." Thank you, Mama.

Thank God, nothing is all bad all the time ...

When It's Over, You Just Know
by CJ Heck

You don't always know
how you know,
it comes slowly, the awareness.
With the certainty and final resignation
of a child learning there's no Santa Claus,
you just know

The breakfast table, once a venue
for long dreamy stares
and coffee-flavored kisses,
awkwardly becomes a silent stage
for reading the news,
eating breakfast, and
you just know.

The smell of his shirt
when you'd bury your face there,
the feel of his hands on your body
as if they had a life of their own,
all silently slip to a place
wherever memories go
to gather dust, and
you just know.

You miss the nights,
how his body and yours
breathed and moved as one.
Maybe it's those nights
and how they were
that give the knowing life, but
you just know.

Like ocean waves upon the sand,
love recedes
with all the other yesterdays
and you would trade
all your tomorrows
to have it back, but
you just know.

Transversely, in my present relationship, I haven't found any bad at all, nor do I expect to. It's as unique and good as my coffee this morning, and I feel so blessed ...

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Great blogspot CJ!! Lance