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"Desolation Row": by Kay Kendall

Stairway Press
258 pages
Format:  Kindle, Paperback, Audible

About the Book:

The Cold War was the background theme of my childhood. An intercontinental ballistic missile was housed in a silo on the outskirts of my hometown.

The Vietnam War made my life’s course swerve, even though I didn’t fight.

In my debut mystery, “Desolation Row”, I treat that era as long-gone history, inspired by my favorite suspense stories set during World Wars I and II.

Oh yes, and my heroine, Austin Starr, turns into an amateur sleuth, motivated by reading too many Nancy Drew tales. After all, someone has to get her young husband, David Starr, released from jail.

The time—1968. The place—Toronto, Canada, where the Mounties are sure David murdered a US Senator’s son.


"A brutal murder, a young woman fighting to prove her husband's innocence--DESOLATION ROW hooked me on page one. Author Kay Kendall knows how to burrow into your heart." ~~Author Norb Vonnegut

“A smart mystery … The clever structure, remarkable dialog, and subplots result in a wholly satisfying read. Packs a considerable punch. … Readers will look forward to seeing more of Kendall, with her formidable intellect, tart sense of humor, and resolute sense of justice. Unexpectedly magnificent. The author has written a story that engages you in the characters first and the mystery is the subplot.” ~MaryAnn Koopman

“The author is to be commended on two fronts. First, she's told a very absorbing story, and second, she's told it very well. When thinking about her writing style, the word "fluid" comes to mind. And, I can think of no better compliment to any writer!” ~Howard R.

“Desolation Row is a winner. The reader feels empathy for this displaced Texan struggling with the Canadian way of life while supporting her desire to try-out some CIA-investigative skills. Fast moving. And great characters. Enjoy!” ~Judi

“The book was very well written with likeable characters including a fast paced plot. It really gave off the air of living in those times when America was at war with itself. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this author!” ~Deb Krenzer

“I'm not a huge mystery fan, but this one caught and held my attention from the beginning…” ~G. Miller

“From the first page to the last, Kendall proves herself adept at weaving sinister suspense, painting backdrops so realistic you can feel the chill of Canadian winds and smell the cloying aroma of marijuana, and keeping all of Austin's sleuthing techniques within the realms of plausibility…” ~Christina Hamlett

“My husband and I both read this book at the same time. When either of us would put the Kindle down, the other one would grab it. We had continueing discussions over "who dunnit" going back and forth between several of the characters as new clues and story line twists were added.” ~Amy Rosson

“Captivating from the beginning! I loved it!” ~Carolyn Beall

Kay Kendall

About the Author

Kay Kendall grew up in the bucolic Flint Hills of Kansas but dreamt of returning to her father’s ancestral home of Texas and also of becoming a latter-day Nancy Drew or John le CarrĂ©.

Instead, higher education and circumstance led her down a long and winding road (footnote, the Beatles) to graduate studies in history at Harvard, to Canada, international corporate communications, work in Russia, and finally, finally, her beloved Texas.

In the spring of 2013, assisted by Stairway Press, she leapt in the direction of Nancy Drew and le CarrĂ© with publication of her debut historical mystery, “Desolation Row”.

Now Kay is writing her second Austin Starr mystery, “Rainy Day Women”, at her Texas home shared with her husband Bruce, Wills, their cavalier King Charles spaniel, plus five house rabbits. Her next aspiration is to become an author able to say she “lives part-time in the Cotswolds,” an anglophile’s version of her upbringing.

“A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write.” ~CJ Heck

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