Friday, May 23, 2014

Daddy's Boots

Daddy's Boots 

Daddy left his boots for me 
and here I have to stay, 
'cause daddy is a soldier. 
I'm in charge while he's away. 

In daddy's boots, I can pretend
that now I am the man 
who does the things that daddy does 
as only daddy can. 

I help with little brother, 
I help with folding clothes, 
I help to set the table, 
and I hope daddy knows
that every day I wear his boots 
so I'll feel close to him 
and I try and keep mom happy, 
till he comes home again. 

I know that he's protecting us, 
that's what soldiers do, 
but his boots are way too big for me, 
and my job being him is, too. 

When is daddy coming home? 
I miss him all the time. 
 Mom said daddy's proud of me 
... and his boots fit me just fine.

[From CJ's Book, Barking Spiders 2]

“A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write.” ~CJ Heck


Seaweed said...

very nice poem. I wish I was a writer.

CJ Heck said...

Thank you for reading my poem, James, and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.