Friday, April 29, 2011

Call Girl: Flash Fiction

Lately, I've been trying my hand at writing short-short fiction (1000 words or less) and flash fiction (500 words or less). This story has 220 words ... granted, the subject matter is a little bit out there, but it was fun using my imagination.  

Call Girl
Flash Fiction
by CJ Heck

Only moderately full, the 4:57 to Detroit still promised to be worth a few thousand over and above Julie's regular take.

It wasn't that tough, just an amusing parlor game, actually.  Play it cool and distant -- they eat it up. The more distant and snobby she was, the more interested the poor bastards were -- of course, the pouty lips, come-hither eyes, and the come-fuck-me stilettos helped, too, she thought, with a knowing smile. Yeah, but the cool and distant -- uh huh, that's what does it. They can't resist.

(She pens a quick note to herself: Must remember to buy a few more shares of Maybelline in the market -- hmmm, maybe L'Oreal, as well? They both saved my ass more than a few times.)

Okay, Julie thought, I'll make Detroit by eight. Ought to be able to do the guy there with no trouble, then cab it back to the hotel, shower and reapply my face. Easy. I'll still have time to take the elevator up to twelve for the john in 12 C. Piece of cake. Then I'll sock another six big ones into the pocket of the suitcase before the 11:30 to Reno. Sweet.

Have love, will travel.  Beats a pimp on a corner any time ...

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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Need To Get Away

I don't know how you feel about it, but I think this winter was long, way too long. After spring actually arrived, we had a few days where it hit the 60's, but then the temperature dropped way down again. Shoot, just two days ago, April 6th, I looked out the window to see it was snowing again!

I'm so ready for this weekend. They're calling for it to be nearly 80 degrees on Sunday ... and it can't come too soon for me. I've got cabin fever and I need to get out for more than just groceries, the chiropractor, or the gym for my workouts. Better yet, I dream of kidnapping Robert and going far, far away, entirely out of the midwest, somewhere with no computers or phones. A Caribbean cruise would be nice; or maybe the Florida Keys; or even a romantic road trip down the coast, stopping now and then to walk a beach in my barefeet and holding Robert's hand.

It's so important to get away now and then. We need to recharge the love batteries, put aside the "me" and the "I", and make sure we don't lose sight of the "we". Otherwise ... well ... here's a little tease about what could happen ...

We Need To Get Away
by CJ Heck

Have I told you lately
how good you smell
when the shower
finally spits you out?
I can't remember
the last time, but
it wouldn't surprise me,
considering how much time
we actually get to spend
alone together these days.
I do know I remember
how intense we used to be.
We need to get away,
just the two of us,
before we grow any ruts
in this relationship highway.

Let's go somewhere,
before talking dirty
really means:
"You doing a light load?
Can you grab my pj's
on the back
of the bedroom door?"

Before wanna catch a quickie?
really means:
"I'm pooped. Wanna take a nap?"

Before Oh God, I'm coming!
actually means:
"Don't nag me, I'm almost ready!
Go and start the car."

Let's go somewhere, while
Honey, that was fantastic
still means more than
a Sunday Scrabble win.

It's not too late.
Oh yeahhh ...
I remember.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ~CJ

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celtic Woman and Fairies

The Little Blond Fiddler
Robert and I sure had a whirlwind weekend, last weekend -- and I'm still tired. We drove to Ohio (4 1/2 hours) to see family, something that's always a treat.

Once there, as usual, we hit the Buehler' grocery store to buy some of the best cream-filled long johns that were ever invented to take along.

We spent Friday night with his mom, dad and sister, Cindy, and left at around noon on Saturday. We then drove to Columbus to my dad's.

When we arrived, my oldest younger brother was there and we enjoyed visiting with him.  Then we had plans to meet up with Robert's son, David, at the Outback for dinner and some more visiting.  The Outback's a great restaurant, by the way ...

Sunday was my dad's 84th birthday and we had tickets to take him to a Celtic Woman concert at 2:00.  Listen, if you ever get the chance to see them, go! I guarantee, you won't be disappointed. What a wonderful, magical show they put on.

That little blond gal that accompanies the group with her fiddle is well-worth the show, all by herself. She fiddles AND dances while she's doing it, tosses her long hair with a perpetual smile and charms everyone in the audience. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the 2-1/2 hours sped by way too fast, even with two curtain calls after a standing ovation.

Ya know, when I was a little girl, I used to think I could see fairies dancing barefoot in the grass under a tree in my backyard at dusk. It was only my imagination, I know, but if there really had been fairies there, I swear they would have looked just like a miniature version of the little fiddler with Celtic Woman.

 I was so enamored by my imaginary fairies, I even wrote a poem about it which was in my first book of poetry for children.

Fairies Dancing

Dancing Fairies

On warm dark nights I think I see
beneath the weeping willow tree,
wee fairies dancing in the grass
on tiny feet that fly so fast.

The music is the wind that blows

while fairies spin on bare tiptoes,
and fireflies jewel up the night
reflecting fairies in their light.

Round and round the fairies dance!

On bitsy feet they skip and prance
through tiny dew drops to and fro,
til morning comes, and then they go.

I wonder where the fairies live

and do they know what fun they give
to little girls and boys that see
beneath the weeping willow tree?

After the concert, we got back to dad's and two of my sisters were there waiting to take him out for a birthday dinner.  I was happy to get to visit with them for a little while, before we had to get back in the car and on the road to PA.

We didn't get home until nearly midnight, but the concert was still  very fresh in my mind.  I couldn't resist peeking through the curtains at the upstairs window.  I just had to know if I could see any fairies under the tree in the yard ...

"A Writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck