Friday, April 29, 2011

Call Girl: Flash Fiction

Lately, I've been trying my hand at writing short-short fiction (1000 words or less) and flash fiction (500 words or less). This story has 220 words ... granted, the subject matter is a little bit out there, but it was fun using my imagination.  

Call Girl
Flash Fiction
by CJ Heck

Only moderately full, the 4:57 to Detroit still promised to be worth a few thousand over and above Julie's regular take.

It wasn't that tough, just an amusing parlor game, actually.  Play it cool and distant -- they eat it up. The more distant and snobby she was, the more interested the poor bastards were -- of course, the pouty lips, come-hither eyes, and the come-fuck-me stilettos helped, too, she thought, with a knowing smile. Yeah, but the cool and distant -- uh huh, that's what does it. They can't resist.

(She pens a quick note to herself: Must remember to buy a few more shares of Maybelline in the market -- hmmm, maybe L'Oreal, as well? They both saved my ass more than a few times.)

Okay, Julie thought, I'll make Detroit by eight. Ought to be able to do the guy there with no trouble, then cab it back to the hotel, shower and reapply my face. Easy. I'll still have time to take the elevator up to twelve for the john in 12 C. Piece of cake. Then I'll sock another six big ones into the pocket of the suitcase before the 11:30 to Reno. Sweet.

Have love, will travel.  Beats a pimp on a corner any time ...

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Anonymous said...

Ah my dear cousin, what a great flash-fiction! The reader gets a great feel for the charachter within the first two sentences - "worth a few thousand over & above"; "just an amuzing parlor game actualy.." let's the reader know that Julie does mean "business". I do as well, enjoy the play on words to describe the stilettos - funny how that comment "come-fuck-me" is heard hand-in-hand with stilettos?!

Karen :0)

CJ Heck said...

Hi Karen,
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! That's a relief, considering it's not my usual fare (smiling). It's always a pleasure to hear from you, cuz.

CJ Heck said...

(from Facebook page)
A side of Cathy that I've never seen. Good reading.
Craig Latham

CJ Heck said...

‎(blushing) Thank you, Craig.
Hugs to you,