Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

With Mother's Day almost here, I was thinking about Mama this morning. It's hard to believe she's been gone for twenty years -- there's an oil painting of her done by my great-grandfather and it's hanging on the wall at the bottom of my stairs. I can see it from my couch in the living room, and I often talk to her. Today, I was remembering.

Mother's Day at our house was always special.  It was something we kids looked forward to all year long. Mama (and Daddy) got breakfast in bed. It was concocted by all six of us together, using our age-appropriate contributions and skills, sometimes with a mess, but always with love and appreciation for what Mama meant to us all.

This year, I feel especially proud with Mother's Day almost here. Robert's mother was one of my mother's best friends way, way back, and she's very special to me -- it's almost like having Mama here again.  I'm going to talk with Robert about an idea I have.  This year, maybe we could make her breakfast in bed ...

In memory of Joanne Parrish:  I love you, Mama

Breakfast in Bed
by CJ Heck

Wake up, Mom and Daddy.
We’ve got a BIG surprise.
Me and Sissy made you breakfast.
Please, open up your eyes.

Here’s the paper from the porch,
just in case you want to read.
Please wake up and put your glasses on
so you guys can see.

There’s cereal with milk on it
and toast with butter, too ...
Sissy scraped the black stuff off.
We made this ALL for you.

We didn’t make the coffee,
but, Mommy, that’s okay
‘cause me and Sissy found some
in the pot from yesterday.

Our eggs look kind of funny,
not like the ones you make.
Ours are way too slickery.
They keep sliding off the plate.

We’re sorry there’s no muffin,
but there weren’t any more.
Well... the one that WAS left over
got smushed on the kitchen floor.

There used to be a donut,
it was right there on the plate.
Me and Sissy got real hungry,
but it’s the ONLY thing we ate.

When it comes to making breakfast,
there's a lot of work to do,
but we made it just to show you
Mom and Daddy, we love you.

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Karen said...


I printed this poem to give to Mom this evening - she'll love this! Susan, Bobbie & I are going out for Mom's Day tonight since we could not get together yesterda)

CJ Heck said...

I hope you have a wonderful time, Karen! Thank you for your thoughtful comments.