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Conversations with the Past: by John D. L. Brooke

John David Lionel Brooke

Conversations with the Past

by John David Lionel Brooke

Time - dotted with the connect the dots
Of events, and actions, and crisscrossed space
Each tiny fragment of an instant lingering
Like a hole

- or a kiss

Imprints on the mantel of life, reflecting back
The feelings and passions and hopes of lost moments
Where we moved on and something else moved in
Like a thief

- or a vision

Interconnection of living breathing matter
We revolve around each other - thinking only ourself
Egocentric and strange and important and meaningful
Like a Pulitzer

- or Nobel Prize

Here in the quiet webs of us we feel the vibrations
And sensations of long lost happenings that still
Cause panging and desire and regret and sorrow
Like a sin

- or a smile

We sit in the dark having conversations with the past
Social in every way but reality - and we listen
To lessons that at the time we were too deaf to hear
Like those from parents

- or children

We look back to each junction of streaming lines
We trace the static realism and dynamic repercussions
We think back to smiles, tears, soft voices and hard
Like sand

- or screams

Our conversations with the past are so often one-sided
No other blimp on our chronology seems to care
So we reflect on our own thoughts - try to find sense
Like school

- or religion

We find answers that only stick to our own reason
We answer questions that nobody else knows or hears
We find truths that never last in the real world
Like faith

- or science

Perpetual repetition - doomed to repeat history
Forever and ever in the hell of a mind rent by regret
And the conversations with the past are hollow
Like wood

- or souls

Do we learn from this?
Or drive ourselves to the brink of loss?

Do we ascend to new heights from this?
Or do we sink under the weight of history?

Do we continue this?
Or are we doomed to talk over finished moments?

Conversations with the past - lessons in reverse
And we find ourselves still talking in black rooms

- To ourselves.

John, the Author and Poet
About the Author

John David Lionel Brooke an expat Canadian who lives a simple, happy life by the Sea of Cortez, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

"MOTHER LODE" is the first memoir in a trilogy. It follows his hazardious tongue-tied childhood up to his fateful marriage. 

His second novel in the trilogy, "SHUT UP MOTHER", follows his haunted journey into adulthood. 

"MY MAD MOTHER", the final work, follows soul searching battles as he journeys to reach the fulfillment of his life. He ruminates on historical evidence that may answer why his Mother became "mad". 

His books are all available in eBook and Paperback formats at Amazon.

In addition to writing novels, John writes poetry, prose, flash fiction, drabbles, articles, and short stories. His work has appeared in many publications online and in print. 

His published 3 chapbooks are also available on Amazon. "INTO PURE BLUE AIR," "PONDERING IMPONDERABLES" and "SPARKLES."

He reads therefore he writes.

John's Books:

My Mad Mother
Mother Lode
Shut Up Mother
Into Pure Blue Air
Pondering Imponderables

“A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write.” ~CJ Heck

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