Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Children's Poem: "To a Snowflake ..."

To a Snowflake ...

by CJ Heck

Hello there, little snowflake.
Where are all your friends?
Should I expect a lot of them
before the morning ends?

I love it when you visit me
and you all fall down together.
I get dressed to visit you,
toasty warm in cold, cold weather.

It's fun the way you all pile up
outside in my back yard.
I like to roll you in a ball
and make a snowman -- it's not hard.

Or maybe, I will build a fort.
All my friends will come and play,
and if you plan to stay awhile,
we'll come see you every day!

Sometimes, I make snow angels
and their arms and legs look puffy,
but I can only do that IF
you come down light and fluffy.

Could I ask you guys a favor?
White is nice, but nothing's duller ...
Could you all please -- just one time --
come down in hearts, or colors?

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