Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great-Gramma Mystery

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately so, admittedly, I'm a little punchy as I'm writing the blog this morning. I'm in one of those rare moods where just about everything hits me funny. And this started me thinking about children and the zany things that they find funny.

To me, it seems children have a highly developed sense of humor -- for instance, even whisper the word, 'underpants' they'll dissolve into a heap of laughter on the floor. Mention any number of body parts by the anatomically correct name and you'll have a similar reaction. Probably what brings a laughing jag on the quickest of all, though, are the perfectly normal noises (well most are, anyway) a human body makes ... burps, yawns, hiccups, sneezes, tummy rumbles, knee pops, under the arm burps, and of course, every grownup's favorite (NOT), gas ... especially if a grownup has it.

The Great-Gramma Mystery
by CJ Heck

I was with Great-Gramma,
she doesn't walk that fast at all,
so something scary found us
when we shuffled down the hall.

Every time she took a step,
I heard a funny sound.
We stopped -- I couldn’t hear it.
It was quiet all around.

I peeked over to the left,
then I looked to the right,
but we were all alone,
not a monster was in sight.

Maybe it was gone then.
I thought it was safe to go.
(I wished she would go faster!
Great-Gramma walks SO SLOW!)

I told Great-Gramma we should RUN,
the monster could come back.
Great-Gramma said that she’s too old
and running hurts her back.

So we started walking slow again.
Sure enough, the sounds were back!
With every step Great-Gramma took
I could hear the thing attack!

The monster's getting closer!
I heard it, there, and THERE!
Two? Or ten, or maybe more?
Oh no, they're EVERYwhere!

And then I started giggling.
I knew what was chasing us.
Great-Gramma, don’t walk faster ...
your 'barking spiders' have hiccups!

Have a great weekend!

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1 comment:

CJ Heck said...

Kay Easterling (from Facebook page)
Cute story! The kids would love it! The little ones love to pass stink bombs. That is what I call them. And from the little one, they truly are. They laugh when my stomach rumbles and I belch! I tell them it's all gas, whether it comes from your mouth or their bottoms! But it doesn't smell as bad as when coming from behind! This is a great story for the children! CJ, you should do more writing while you're a little punchy. I love it!