Friday, August 20, 2010

Kimmy Van Kooten

I would like to share something with you today written by a very good friend of mine. I've known her for several years from a writing community we both belong to, Author's Den, and also Facebook. Please join me in welcoming a very talented published poet, writer, artist, photographer, and a good friend, Kimmy Van Kooten:

Does God Wear Socks?
by Kimmy Van Kooten

Mommy drove her car today (I got to sit up front).
It made me think this of ...
while we drove right past the church
Does God wear socks?

Now you might say, "He must be silly"
But I really want to know
I guess because it bothers me
to think His feet get cold!

Does God wear socks?
Can anybody answer? You?
The reason that I’m asking is ...
I think He has no shoes!

I have a pair of shoes, you see,
they seem to be too small.
Mommy made me wear them
but I think I'm growing tall!

So, I was thinking ...
I could wrap them in a box ...
if God needs these for both feet
Does God wear socks?

Thank you for sharing, Kimmy! Hugs to you, CJ

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Kimmy Van Kooten said...

Thanks CJ! This was a true occurrence between my son, Justin and I, about 25 years ago...:)

Juppy said...

its funny the questions we ask as a children..thx for the tribute little poem..did you ever even answer my question back then?