Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Grateful Stone

"Treasure Chest"
"The soul may have many symbols with which it reaches toward God." ~ Anya Seton

Humanity has long believed many symbols to be spiritually sacred. The sideways eight, for example, the symbol for eternity. Another is the endless knot.

Crystals are also symbols and thought to be very powerful for focusing spiritual energies. And who wouldn't recognize the universal symbol for love, the heart?

 For a child, a symbol can be anything at all, and sometimes even the smallest thing can be a sign from God and the Universe that they are not alone.

The Grateful Stone

by CJ Heck

I have a little treasure chest
and only one thing is inside.
It’s a very special treasure
and I found it at low tide.

To me it’s something special.
I call it the grateful stone.
It showed how prayers work.
It's a sign I’m not alone.

My grampa had a heart attack
while we were at the beach.
He lives so very far away,
so far away, and out of reach.

Mommy had her cell phone
and doctors called her there.
When I saw my mommy cry,
I knew I had to try a prayer.

I closed my eyes and talked to God.
Please let Grampa be okay.
Don’t let Mom lose her Daddy.
We can’t go that far away.

When I opened up my eyes
and looked down on the sand,
I saw a shiny little stone
and it felt good in my hand.

I slipped it in my pocket
and I rubbed it two whole days,
praying Grampa would get better
if only God could find a way.

Then mommy’s cell phone rang.
They said Grandpa could go home.
That's why I have my treasure chest
for my special grateful stone.

[From the book, Barking Spiders 2, by CJ Heck]
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"A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck

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CJ Heck said...

From Facebook:

Jan Hoffman
you've got to QUIT. You make me CRY every time!
Just kidding about the quitting. LOL
Keep up the good work.

CJ Heck
Thank you, Jan. I'm glad you enjoyed!

LAnce SHeridan
a rhythmic treasure -
another exceptionally quill-penned write
from your brilliant mind . . .