Friday, July 9, 2010

We Need to Get Away

Feelings bring us closer

I was thinking:  Though we may think we know each other well, when we neglect feelings in a relationship, we neglect the deepest, most intimate part of ourselves.  Sharing our feelings leads us to greater closeness, because feelings are very personal.  They are the most intimate part of us and the greatest gift we can give to each other.

We Need to Get Away

Have I told you lately
how good you smell
when the shower
spits you out?

I can't recall
the last time, but
it wouldn't surprise me,
considering what time
we actually have to spend
alone together these days.

I do know, I remember
how intense it used to be.

We need to get away,
just the two of us,
before we grow any ruts
in this lovely road …

Let's go somewhere, now,
before talking dirty
really means:
"You doing a light load?
Can you grab my pj's
from the hook
on the bathroom door?"

Before wanna catch a quickie?
really means:
"I'm pooped. Wanna take a nap?"

Before Oh God, I'm coming!
actually means,
"Don't nag me, I'm almost ready!
Go ahead, start the car."

Let's go somewhere while
Baby, that was fantastic!
still means more than
a Sunday Scrabble win.

It's not too late ...
I remember.

[From the book, "Anatomy of a Poet", by CJ Heck]

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