Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lance Sheridan: Rogue

Lance Sheridan is a remarkable man, a good friend, and a caring person to all he meets. He is also a published author, writer, and poet. He pens in many different genres of poetry, but his greatest passion is writing dark poems, poems that often take the reader on a wild roller coaster ride down a darkened alleyway -- and just when they think they have it all figured out, they have succumbed to an unexpected conclusion.

When I asked him to please honor me with a contribution to my blog, he graced me with the following poem:

by Lance Sheridan

The sea doors open wide
Opens wide for thee
I am mischievous, a rogue
Not obedient, I seek and destroy.

I pace the sea in a wondrous cold
Round in shape with a dismal sheen
Tread the salt water, a shadow, a foe
I am very explosive by nature.

The sea breeze blows
Then comes the fog and mist
The furrow follows thee
I diminish hope as it withers at the root.

Shipmates that spot thee
In their sore distress
Fain from speaking
As if choked by fire and soot.

I take the form of a
speck, a mist, a shape
I plunge, I tack, they veer
As the ship approaches, the horror follows.

Throats un-slake, lips blacken and bake
Into the sea the shipmates plummet
The ship sinks with upright keel
In an unheard whisper, into a watery grave.

2007 RLS

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

Thank you, Lance!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you most sincerely CJ!! Especially for your thoughtful words about me, and for the great privilege of having my poems here, on your fabulous blogs!! xx