Friday, July 12, 2013

Blast into the Past

One Saturday morning, Robert had to leave for work early at 6:00.  Not yet ready to head to the computer, I poured myself a second cup of coffee and I don't know why, but I turned on the TV.  Understand, this is something I rarely (if ever) do during the day, preferring instead to listen to music while I write, edit, or blog.

Anyway, between sips, I flipped through the meager network programming at that time of the morning.  I was searching for something, anything, to fill a few minutes, but all I could find were stupid ads for makeup, jewelry, vacuum cleaners, or gym equipment.

"The Rifleman"

Then, suddenly, I found myself in some kind of crazy time warp -- I had somehow moved through time and and I was a child again.  There in front of me was Chuck Connors as The Rifleman.   

The Cast from "Gunsmoke"

When The Rifleman was over, I went to Dodge City, Kansas, with Matt Dillon, Doc, Festus and Kitty in Gunsmoke.

The Cartrights from "Bonanza"

After that, I spent some quality time at The Ponderosa in Bonanza with Hoss, Little Joe, and Adam -- oh, and don't forget Pa.

I lost several hours that Saturday morning -- but they were good, quality hours.  It was just like old times and yet I was seeing these people and places through different eyes, through a whole different perspective.

As a child, all of these people were larger than life.  They were real.  For as long as the show was on, I was right there with them, listening and learning.

Watching them as an adult, I can now see the importance of what I was learning.  These shows all reinforced the values and lessons my parents taught -- rights and wrongs I passed to my three daughters, and I still value them to this day.

How sad to think there aren't too many quality role models on TV for today's children that reinforce parents' values and lessons.

The video games I've seen advertised are all so violent and bloody.  I wonder what they are teaching our children and grandchildren ...

“A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write.” ~CJ Heck

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