Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sometimes You Wonder ...

Yesterday, I got an email from my best friend, Margie.

They have the most adorable dog and his name is Noodle.  He's one of those new hybrid dogs, a goldendoodle, which is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

This photo isn't Noodle, but it's darn close to how he looks. Noodle's ears are longer and I think he's much cuter, too.

Needless to say, Noodle is a very large dog, but he has the sweetest, most gentle disposition of any dog I've ever known.  You can't help but love him.

Anyway, Margie's email was priceless and I just had to share it. Oh, and the names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent ... mostly, because I've known her for fifty-something years, and she's not ... (giggling)
"Good Morning, Cath', 
First, you have to realize that when Bill goes to sleep, he only gets up for a couple of things: 
1.  To go to the bathroom.2.  If the alarm goes off. 3.  Awww, and of course, if Noodle needs him, he is right there. 
Understand, I could be dancing nude at the end of the bed and he would sleep through it. (Probably a good thing, 'cause it's not a pretty sight). 
The night before last, I woke up at 2:00 and had to go to the bathroom. In the dark, I climbed over Noodle, who was sleeping on the floor, and I headed out of the room. 
When I came back in the bedroom and was once again stepping over Noodle, he decided to stand up. 
Needless to say, I went flying, arms flailing, and I crashed into the the dresser at the end of our bed. (Actually it's an armoire, but no matter how I try and spell it, I can't get it right). 
So anyway, my loving husband sleepily says, "Marg, is that you?" 
I wish I would have thought quick enough to say, "No, it's the fourteen frigging elephants that get up in the middle of the night!" 
Bill, still in bed, says, "Is Noodle okay?" 
I managed to say, "Yep -- he is fine.  He went to the kitchen and is having his midnight snack." 
Mind you, I'm still on the floor in the dark and Bill is still in bed. 
Finally he says, "Are you alright?" 
"Not sure,"  I replied. 
"Do you need me to get up?" 
Swallowing all my pride, I said, "Okay, I think so." 
Nothing was broken, only a few cuts and bruises ... he is sleeping well again. 
At times I think, hummmm, maybe I should yell, "FIRE!!" and then run like hell with Noodle. 
Oh that's right, Bill got one of those frigging screens for the garage and I would have to crash through that ... 
I hope this gives you a laugh, but remember, this is a true story! 
Love you,

[A very special thanks to Margie and Bill Shelly and, of course, Noodle.  I love you all!]

"A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck

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