Monday, March 29, 2010

By The Way ...

By The Way ...

I'm looking for a Children's Book Illustrator.

I have one published book which has been out since 2000, is in its Second Edition, and still being sold. The illustrator was one the publisher provided. The sequel is nearing completion and almost ready ...

I'm searching for a talented artist with a desire, a passion, a love for drawing for children, someone just out of art school, someone who is looking for their first publishing credit, someone who would be thrilled to see their name on a children's book as illustrator. As the author, It is my dream to have all of my books illustrated by the same artist. If we can work out a partnership, based on this first book together, I have eight more books I want to publish.

I wondered if this was the proper venue to make this announcement and request, but heck, I figured ... why not try?

If you feel this message is speaking to you, please contact me so we can talk.

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