Friday, April 2, 2010

Yours, Mine, Ours ...

I have to admit, this is a reprint of an article I wrote sometime ago and first printed elsewhere ... but please indulge me, I've had a miserable cold the past few days.

Yours, Mine, Ours ...

With all of the blended families around these days, what a blessing it is for the children and grandchildren when all of the individual parts get along after a divorce.

In my own family's case, I can't see where any one person can actually take credit for the harmony we have. Somewhere along the way, it just happened.

Jointly, we went through the tumultuous teens with three daughters: the heartaches, the excitements, the meetings with teachers, soccer, ice skating, tennis and softball games, then high school proms, the ups and downs of dating, graduations and then college graduations.

We later planned three weddings together, enjoyed the births of nine grandchildren, their christenings, birthday parties, holidays and school and sporting events.

Something which has evolved over the years, something especially nice is the number of grandparents our remarriages have produced. Just ask my five-year-old grandson, Liam. I did.

"Liam, how many grandmas and grampas do you have?"

Liam smiled out loud. "Ohhhh, Grammy! Sooo many! (his little arms outstretched to the max).

"I have my Grammy and Papa, Nanny and Papa Num-Num (so-named because he always brings ice cream or donuts when he visits), Mimi, Nana, Great Papa and Gramma Rosemary who live in Ohio -- that's far, FAR away, Grammy -- I have so many grampas and grandmas that I can hardly even count all of them!"

Then I asked him, "Liam, how many people do you suppose love you?"

He replied, "Grammy, EVERYbody loves me." (giving me a big hug, along with his answer).

Just try and tell our little Liam that Nanny's, Papa's, or Gramma Rosemary's blood isn't actually coursing through his veins. I'll guarantee you, even if he understood what you were talking about, it wouldn't matter a whit to him. The only thing that does matter to Liam (and all of the other grandchildren) is the wonderful love those grandparents do show him.

After all is said and done, after all of us are a part of his past, it's the wonderful memories we've created together which are most important. These are what will live on forever in his heart.

(First published by Useless Knowledge Webzine, May 13, 2004.)

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