Monday, April 5, 2010

Poems for a Monday

Anatomy of a Woman Poet, by CJ Heck

Go in through the eyes of a poet
deep into her alphabet mind.
Ideas like flotsam and jetsam
dodge poetry fragments and lines.

Beware the dark shadows of memory,
knife-sharp and bloodied by time,
or gentle, orgasmic and sensual,
swirling eddies, some without rhyme.

Softly notice the spirit in hiding.
Tiptoe past the bruised heart mending there,
knitting poems, pearls strung on a necklace,
unfinished jewels everywhere.

Take note on your tour of this poet
the outside no different you see,
but inside, my God, a passion abyss,
the poet, the woman, the me.

Changeling, by CJ Heck

Changeling: (noun): 1. One who, or that which, is left or taken in the place of another.

At dawn, I looked
with eyes wide open.
The color of his hair had
snow-stormed a wintery grey,
crowded out to who knows where
to join a master work
in perfect granite,
his finite features
raisined to roadways that buckled
into nose and cheek and brow.
Somehow spared by nature's cruelty
are steel blue eyes,
eyes that walk my dreams,
and lips that taunt and tease.
Where was I when all this happened,
here, a changeling, too,
and robbed as well?
Today when morning slipped inside
and kissed my eyelids,
I felt blessed it reached across
to touch his too.

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