Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Now I'm Three and I Know ...

CJ at Three
Pretty much all of the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

A couple of years ago, I spent weeks trying to come up with an idea for one last children's poem so I could finish a preschool poetry book that I wanted to self-publish.

I was having no luck at all ... that is, until I started thinking about my eleven grandchildren when they were about three years old. Children try so hard to make sense out of the world around them.

One by one, all of the funny, goofy, things they used to say began to pop into my mind.

Gratefully, I started to write ...

This poem sounds best when you read it out loud in your best 'three-year old' voice. Oh, and when you get to the long run-on sentence, say it fast! 

I would give just about anything to hear you read it ...

Now I'm Three and I Know ...

by CJ Heck

I know never touch fire, that’s hot,
but I can touch ice, 'cause it’s not,
and puppies are soft and kitties are too,
(so’s most of the stuff moms and dads give to you).

I know never tell people they’re fat.
(It will hurt them, if I do that).
I know rocks aren’t for throwing at others
but it’s OK to throw pillows at brothers.

I know daddy says swears I can’t say,
and I have to wear clothes out to play,
... 'cause one time I went outside naked and Mrs. Johnson saw me and she called Mommy and Mommy came outside and got mad (sniffle) and she yelled at me (sniff-sniff) and I had to sit in a chair for a time out and ...

I know cookies smell better than cheese,
and to get one, I have to say please.
I know how to go pee in the potty,
but not in my pants, 'cause that’s naughty.

I know flowers don't needs any feet,
and no dessert, if I don’t eat my meat.
I know I got to blow boogers in tissue,
and don't wipe off where ladies kiss you.

When I wake mommy up, never holler,
pennies are not more than a dollar,
and scissors are never for cutting my hair,
(the barber does that, but I hate going there).

I laugh 'cause it's better than cry,
and you can’t squeeze a worm, it will die.
I know Daddy will laugh when I burp,
and Mommy’s kiss helps if I hurt.

I know SO many things, now I'm three.
This stuff helps me be a good ME.
I know lots more than I did when I’m two,
all the stuff that I can and I can’t do.

Hugs from the little kid in me ... to the little kid in you.
~ CJ

From the Book, Me Too! Preschool Poetry

"A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck


Anonymous said...

CJ, you bring back childhood memories. For me they are mostly hard ones. Lately I've been trying to remember what few good ones there were. Since I decided to write a memoir; all I can remember; which comes and goes hopelessly are not in order. I have come to the conclusion, order in this case is not a case in point. It is the disorder of them that is. Thank you...

CJ Heck said...

You should write your memoir, Anonymous. It doesn't really matter in what order your memories all come out -- the important thing is, to get them written. You will be leaving behind a living legacy for your family and friends.

I salute you! Best wishes with your writing!