Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marylou McGinnis Crabtree

Friends are like Flowers
I've met a lot of wonderful friends through online communities over the years -- shoot, everyone has, but every so often, you meet someone you feel like you've known your whole life.  Your personalities and interests just seem to click.

I am proud to introduce a lady like that: Marylou McGinnis Crabtree. She's genuine, funny, caring, and she's real. She is also a witty, talented writer and she's my friend.

After reading yesterday's blog about my writer's block, she sent me the following message and, with her permission, I'm going to share it with you:
Thank you, CJ, 
Thank you for the article you wrote about your Writer's Block. I have had it for years. I really want to write a story about a touching experience I once had. I just cannot put my thoughts together and write it. 
There use to be a time that I could not go to bed without writing. I was driven to put my thoughts down on paper. Now, I can't seem to get my thoughts OUT of my head ... Sheesh! 
I didn't know you were having any writing 'issues' (I love that term). I thought maybe you were just having lunch with The Queen and giving her advice about jazzing up her purse collection. Or maybe you were being a covert government agent and planning your next secret mission. Or maybe you were just kicking back and enjoying this hotter than #&!@ summer ... 
Anyhow, after reading your article, I've decided I'm going to DO something different today -- sit outside in the woods and think. Or, I might go to the lake just to listen to the water lap on the tree roots (that's real noisy and very cool), or I might walk in the water with my Crocs on.

Sweet. I think I hear my blood pressure falling now. Thanks for letting me vent.
Many hugs,
Oops I forgot ...
Come to the fair We will all be there
Wearing our school colors
Don't be square
A huge smile ~m~

(Marylou McGinnis Crabtree)

Many thanks to Marylou for brightening up my day -- I hope I can talk her into writing something even longer for the blog next time ... Hugs, CJ

"A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck

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