Friday, April 19, 2013

Book: Anatomy of a Poet

You've probably been wondering where the heck I've been for the last couple of months, and for that, I do apologize.  I was working hard to get my first poetry book for adults finished.

Introducing:  Anatomy of a Poet:

Format:  Paperback and Kindle

Anatomy of a Poet - Poetry for Adults
About the Book

As Bri Maya Tiwari said,  "There is a brokenness out of which comes the unbroken; a shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable; a sorrow beyond all grief which leads to joy, and a fragility out of whose depths emerges strength. There is a hollow space too vast for words through which we pass with each loss, out of whose darkness we are sanctioned into being." 

That one quote astutely describes not only my life, but the poetry in Anatomy of a Poet.

One of six children, I grew up in a small Ohio town and married my high school sweetheart at nineteen. A Vietnam War widow at twenty, I went on to marry and then divorce two times.

I made a lot of choices, some good, some not so good, but as one of the poems in the book ends, " least I made choices. How sad for those who merely hitchhike along, never daring to choose at all." [from the poem, "Choices"]

Anatomy of a Poet was written over a period of forty years. The poetry is rich with memoir, humor, and at times is sensual in nature.

Poetry can be daunting and hard to understand, but it doesn't have to be. I feel a poet has an obligation to write in a way that everyone can understand. Poems should flow softly through a poet's words, their meanings easily touching the heart and mind of its reader. If a poem comes from the heart, it will reach other hearts.

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Book Introduction:

"Like a rose with many petals sharing its sweet aroma, this is how I see and feel about the love of my life, CJ Heck. She is my electric blue-eyed girl. 
She can be both a little girl, or a strong woman, whenever and wherever the situation calls for it. She is both sensuous and exciting, and soft and affectionate. 
Tragedy struck her life early with the death of her husband in Vietnam. This experience laid open the very core of her heart and soul and opened the channel to a well of compassion and sensitivity that waited deep within. Her pain was the fertilizer that helped her bloom as a writer.
CJ's poetry is not a surface observation, but a soulful interpretation of the events and people that inspired her. She writes both eloquently and simply of things that touch her heart, things she wants to share. She is gifted at painting a picture with words on the heart and imagination of others, thereby communicating not just an image, but a life experience. 
I feel very honored to have been asked to write this introduction and share my feelings about CJ Heck. She is the water for my soil, the sunlight for my petals and the nurturer of my growth. 
Sit back, open your heart and enjoy the journey as revealed through her words, images and emotions. You are blessed by this opportunity to know her in words, as I know her in life."  
~Robert S. Cosmar [Writer, Blogger, Astrologer, Author of four books]


"This is my kind of poetry. Direct, beautifully expressed and without a hint of pretension." ~Allison Cassidy

"CJ is predominately viewed as a writer of works for children, but CJ now carries over her approach to more adult themes. In doing so, she presents a profound world that is deeply sad, incredibly humorous and sometimes very intimate." ~Joseph Daly

"CJ's writing ability is a testament to talent and passion. Her ability to craft words into emotion and movement is remarkable." ~Lexy Page (Owner/Freelance Photographer at GA Page Photography)

"CJ is a writer that comes through as a great communicator but you also have a strong feeling of friendship with her and her pen. She touches your heart in special ways. She makes you feel like you have lived this story." ~James McCraney (Owner, James McCraney Financial, LLC)

"I love learning new words, especially when they are explained with such diaphanous clarity. Whether she talks of love, children, life, or any other subject, CJ's words are always clear and harmonious. She makes us forget that easy to read is hard to write." ~Marc Mimouni (London, United Kingdom)

"CJ Heck is a very talented author. Her words are enlightening and charismatic to people of all ages. It is a privilege and honor to read her prolific pen." ~Janet Caldwell (Managing Editor, Inner Child Magazine

"A writer soon learns that easy to read is hard to write." ~CJ Heck

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