Tuesday, January 24, 2012



What if we're born with 
a predetermined number
of heartbeats 
and, when they're gone, 
we're gone? 

Just in case it's true,
I'm not going to waste mine 
running down some road 
in silly spandex pants
and a jog bra.

I'm going to make my 
thumping little tickets last
as many years as I can, 

especially since
at my age, 
I've already used up 
a hell of a lot them
just getting here. 

I'll spread the rest out. 
I'll save them 
for what's important, 
like running away from 
something (or someone) bad. 

I also intend to use a lot of them 
for making love. 

If life really is a journey 
and not a destination, 
I might as well enjoy myself 
along the way ... 

CJ Heck

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