Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter and Snow

Anyone else tired of snow? I don't know, I guess my bones are just getting too, well, not old exactly, just plenty tired of the cold and winter weather. When bones graduate to the senior division, that seems to be when they get ... tired.  At least for me.

The first snowfall of the season ... that's okay. That's truly beautiful. I can stand at the window and watch the first snowfall all day long. It kinda looks like a post card out there and it's joyfully nostalgic. When it becomes all black with dirt and turns to slush, that's when it can go bye bye for the rest of the winter, for all I care ... (where's my ticket to the Keys?)  As I always say, I can visit snow if I miss it.  I have two daughters up in New England and grandchildren there I can play in the snow with ... on a visit.

When I was a child, it was different. I could hardly wait for winter and snow -- the more it snowed, the happier I was. It didn't matter if it snowed every day, all winter long, I was ready for it -- sledding, snow angels, snow balls, snowmen, igloos, skiing, and always hot chocolate and a big bowl of chili, after any of them. There was always fun to be had in snow ... not to mention, school was usually closed for the day, IF it was a BIG snowfall.

I think when I moved from New Hampshire three years ago, I thought I was leaving the really big snow storms behind ... huh uh, no such luck. I didn't realize I was moving to what's called the Allegheny Mountain Region here in Pennsylvania. It was sorta like going from the frying pan into the fire. Here, it snows almost every day all winter long.

Oh well (sigh) ... wanna make a snowman with me?

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