Friday, July 8, 2011

Lady Bug

My Lady Bug 
by CJ Heck

Hi there little lady bug,
whatcha doing on my arm?
Please don’t fly away.
I won’t bring you any harm.

I’m glad to have you with me.
I was feeling so alone.
Somehow I got me turned around.
I can't find my way back home.

I only took a little walk
behind a pretty butterfly.
Now I’m really scared and lost
and I think I’m going to cry.

Stay with me my lady bug,
please don’t fly away, 
and when my mommy finds me,
come home with me and stay.

I’ll let you share my bedroom
and when it’s dark at night,
Mommy leaves the lamp on.
Monsters hate it when it’s light.

Hey, that sounds like Mommy!
It is! She’s calling me!
Now you'll get to meet her.
You’ll like her, wait and see.

Lady bug, where you going?
I'll bet you're going home too.
Thanks for being lost with me.
Bye lady bug -- I love you.

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