Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was just thinking how remarkable it is how some people can understand who you really are, without meeting you, just by reading between the lines and verses of words you've strung together with common threads of humor, loneliness, delight, grief, desire, playfulness and, by adding a little fuel of their own -- some heart and soul and just a touch of magic -- they clearly 'see' you as if they've read your personal autobiography.

I got the nicest email from a friend like that in Indiana. Rusty is an upbeat, honest, and witty kind of guy that I've known for years and years, and yet I've never met him in person. His real name is Russell Daily, a thoughtful and devoted family man, and a gifted writer and poet.

Our paths first crossed in an online writing community where we soon realized we shared the same zany sense of humor, especially when it came to writing poetry for children. Over the years, we've co-written many poems together and formed a wonderful friendship. Here is what he wrote:

(Rusty and his lovely wife, Kathleen)

Just using my imagination of you sitting at your computer. Hope you enjoy.

My Mentor
by Rusty Daily

The scene:
A small wisp of
hot morning coffee.
Puffs, their proximity close,
prepared to negate
the effects of sorrow
or unmitigated laughter.
The magnetic keyboard
pulls magic from
the heart and soul.
A small knowing smile
and far away look,
into hearts

The moods,
a roller coaster of:
The playful child.
The adult-adult.
The Lost Love.
The Consoler.
The Healer.

The Effect:
A virtual crossroads
of those looking for ...

I love it, thank you. It does sound like me.  It's uncanny, how you know the real me, you know, the one I wear just under my skin and choose to show to very few. So intuitive, insightful, and grand you are, Russell Daily, and I'm proud you are my friend. ~CJ

** It is my hope that someday, I will meet Rusty in person. See, I have a hug I've been carrying around for years.  It has his name on it and I want to pass along.

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admin said...

saya sangat menikmati sajian dari tulisan Anda. salam saya dari bali - Indonesia.

CJ Heck said...

Translated: "I really enjoy the dish of your writing. My greetings from bali -"

Thank you, Anto
I am pleased you enjoyed my blog and I thank you for commenting.
Warm regards,